6 FREE Office + Craft Room Printables

6 Free Office Printables by JumpingJaxDesignsWhat better way to spice up your workspace this spring than with some beautiful artwork for the walls?

Click to enlarge and download (just right click and save to your computer after they are enlarged) these 6 fun and funky pieces that are sure to add color and inspiration to any office or craft room! Enjoy!Success Before Work Chalkboard To Do List

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Work Hard Play Harder

5 Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Look More Professional

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Do you have a WordPress site that has huge potential but lacks a cohesive and polished look? Maybe you have been wanting to make the big switch from Blogger to WordPress, or perhaps you are just starting out and don’t know where to begin? WordPress can be intimidating at first, but there are some simple fixes that will make a world of difference in how your readers and clientele perceive your site and content.

There’s an old saying in blogging that “Content is King and Design is Queen” and it’s true; in order to get anyone to your site to read what you have to share, you will need meaningful content for your audience. Once you get them there, it’s your design and ease of readability that will keep them there. If your site loads too slow, has boxes popping up in their faces or is too busy looking, then it doesn’t matter what you have to say because no one will be sticking around long enough to find out!

If you start with these 5 simple tricks, you will be well onto your way to having a site that not only looks great, but also keeps your readers around begging for more!

1. Keep your body text simple: Keep a white background with an easy-to-read font. No bright colors, swirly fonts or handwritten text. Sure, you can incorporate some colors and pretty fonts in your header or in some widgets, but for the body of your blog you want it to be as clear as possible. This will create an ease of readability for your new-found following.

2. Upload a Favicon: Are you wondering what in the world a favicon is? Well, a favicon is that tiny little image that shows up by your website name in the browser tab and to the left of the website name when you bookmark a website. This makes your site look more professional and helps it to stand out when your readers bookmark your site. You can create a 75px square image and upload it the All in One Favicon plugin, or JJD can create one for you! This personalized touch really helps to set you apart from all of the other blogs on the internet.

3. Use full-width images: Next to words, your images will speak miles to your readers.

If you use tiny images, it may be hard for your readers to see them, especially on a mobile device.

Large Images2
Large Images
Using big, beautiful images that span the full width of your post column will help to get your message across more clearly.

Large Images2
Large ImagesYou can find out the width of your post section by checking out your theme’s specs.

4. Make your links count: There’s not much worse than looking for a link and it says yaddayadda.com/2543768. If what comes after the / isn’t words then it comes across as spammy to your readers. This link is called the permalink and to change it to your post title, head to your wordpress dashboard settings, permalink, and click “post name”. This will tell everyone that your post is a real post and not some weird spam link.


5. Get a custom site design: There is a lot that a newbie blogger can teach themselves about setting up a WordPress design, but unless you are a professional, implementing these changes can be quite tricky. One wrong character in your back-end coding and it can shut your whole site down. Some things are best left up to the professionals.

Your site design is critical to your engagement, and while your content is the main attraction, without a great design, it’s wasted. Great design makes it easy to engage your audience with your content. While some people will seek out ways to subscribe to your mailing list, share your content, and follow you on social media, most are lazy. They’re only going to engage with you if you make it easy to. They’re busy, and while your blog may be great, they aren’t going to go out of their way to hunt down your social media pages or subscription widget; but if you make your blog’s experience seamless and remove the barriers to your engagement, then they will be happy to stay on and read what you’ve got.

Custom Design

When shopping around for a new site design, be sure to find someone who will work with your vision to create design that makes it easy for you to focus on your writing. You’ll want to fill out a form/questionnaire before the design process that will help your designer get to know you and your tastes better. A focus on ease of readability, uncluttered sidebars, colors and typography, and a mobile responsive theme are all things that should be included in your package. You want your site to look and function well on all platforms, especially since more and more readers are accessing information via their smart phone or tablet instead of from a computer. You will lose many potential readers if they can’t read your posts as easily on the go as they can when they are home.

If you don’t feel comfortable changing your own design, Jumping Jax Designs has four WordPress Design packages to fit any of your needs. Whether it’s for your blog or business, we have just the package to set you up with a gorgeously eye-catching design.

With our design expertise and your amazing content, you will be well on your way to having the best blog or website on the block!

New Cards Are Up!

Holiday Card PreviewBig thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our grand re-opening with the sale & giveaway!

I’m rolling out a new batch of holiday cards! I am LOVING black, white & glitter this year, if you couldn’t tell. Here are a few of my favorites, click here to view them all & get your order in!

And, of course, if none of these are what you have in mind for your holiday card, I love making custom designs!

Little Lights Holiday Card

Snowy Wishes Holiday Card

Ribbons of Love Holiday Card

Modern Color Blocks Holiday Card

Merry Dotted Days

Merry Arrows Holiday Card

Leafy Love Holiday Card

It's Black and White Holiday Card

Farmhouse Chic Holiday Card

Choose Joy Holiday Card

Cheers to You Holiday Card

Chalk it Up Holiday Card

All that Glitters Chalkboard Holiday Card Kraft

Blog Design Giveaway

Welcome to the new digs of JJD! What do you think of the website? Easier to navigate? Do you love all the spunky colors?

Along with the new design comes new pricing! You may notice that my WordPress & branding prices have gone up a bit, but card prices have gone down, WAY down. Remember that $1 Per Card Sale that we used to have in the fall? Well now you can get JJD cards for $1 each, all the time. Any card on the site is just a dollar!

And, for this week only, enjoy a little extra discount off your card order, by using code 5YEARSOFJJD at checkout, which will get you 15% off!

For a while now, ever since the JJD Facebook page hit 2k “likes”, I’ve promised a giveaway.

Well, it’s time! Two entries will win a  complete Blogger/Blogspot Blog Design, and one lucky winner will get a full WordPress.org Blog Design!

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter widget below, best of luck to you!!
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