Blogger Design Questionnaire

Once you have purchased a blog design package, please fill out this questionnaire so I know exactly what you have in mind for your new look. Thanks so much for your order! I look forward to working with you!

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Blog Title & Tagline

What is the primary focus of your blog?

Would you like 2 columns or 3? What side would you like your sidebar column(s) on, the left or the right?

Do you prefer a more shabby/scrapbook look or clean/modern?

What patterns do you prefer? Polka dots? Chevron? Ikat? Quatrefoil? Stripes? Solid colors?

What colors would you like to see be most prominent in your blog design?

What fonts would you like used in your blog? (Click here for links to choices!) You may choose up to 3 to be used in your header/button and for your post and sidebar titles, please select from the Google fonts (here)!

What would you like your header to look like? Do you have a layout or style in mind? Feel free to send me links of sites and designs that inspire you!

Would you like pictures included? (You may attach any photos you would like used in your header to a message on the contact page.)
Illustrations? (You may find a list of illustrators and stock/clipart links here!) Please note that the price of these images is NOT included in the price of your design package.

Would you like a menu bar up at the top? What tab names would you like included and what are the URL addresses they should link to?

What name would you like in your signature? What font do you prefer? Click here for links to choices!

Anything else I should know? Questions? Concerns?

Have you read and do you accept my Design Terms?
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